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QRP Part 5 beacon WD2XGI is on the air intermittantly on 185.3025kc in QRSS and a 15wpm CW message. I will soon be running experiments at higher power on 135.7-137.8kc with QRSS & CW. SSB & CW/QRSS will be used on 160-190kc. The Part 5 antenna currently being used is a #8 wire loop in the E/W direction.
Here is an (800k) audio recording of "WE" that Lyle (LEK) sent me on 2 August 2002. There is CW at the beginning then QRSS-30 and finally, CW at the end. 'WE' was the original Part 15 beacon id but now my station is operated under Part 5 rules which allow me much more power and unlimited antennas
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Currently building Part 5 station equipment. A linear transverter will be used with a TS-440 to run CW & SSB. A G0MRF linear FET amp is nearing completion as of Jan 2006 as is W1TAG linear driver amp. Thanks to both those guys for helping me get the amps figured out on the bench.
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